Eternal on the Water by Joseph Monninger
Published 2010
General Fiction
336 pages

* * * * * Recommended Reading! * * * * *

I have never been a fan of romance novels, or anything resembling romance novels, because the plot and characters always seem to be flat and I quickly lose interest and find myself mocking the book and the author and wondering why I didn't come up with the nonsense myself. (I have some book-snob tendencies.)

HOWEVER, once in awhile an incredible story comes along that happens to have a love story at its center that leaves you thinking once you have turned the last page. Eternal on the Water, set against the backdrop of nature in some of America's most beautiful locales, tells the story of Mary and Cobb, who meet while setting out to kayak on the same river. Woven with fables, stories about nature, and an array of likable and well-written characters, this is a book that I had a hard time putting down. Mary, obsessed with knock-knock jokes and crows (not in that order) is one of my favorite characters in contemporary fiction. You will fall in love with her just like Cobb did because you just can't help yourself. Monninger wrote her (and them, and the story) so pitch-perfect. I don't want to tell you any more...just go read this one!


I can't wait to read more by Monninger.



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