Big Lovin' It 06/04/2011
Husband and I can't get enough of the Henricksons as we continue to view episode after episode of HBO's hit drama, Big Love. Even now, as we begin the dreaded "season four" (which was panned by critics and fans alike), we can't help but love the plig mischief this family finds itself in. Nominated for several awards over the years, from best cast drama to best drama, this show is worth viewing. Bill Paxton is incredible in his role as father to nine and husband of three - Jeanne Tripplehorn plays first wife Barbara, wise and good; Chloe Sevigny plays second wife sassy compund-chic Nicolette, and Ginnifer Goodwin plays third wife sweet and innocent Margene. HBO knows how to produce great television, and I can't wait until season five comes out on DVD...I have been desperately avoiding reading anything related to the series finale!



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