I recently put a ridiculous number of books on hold at Library A, a library that kindly informs me of incoming materials via email and on my account page. (Library B does not do this, which is exactly why they are now Library B.) Imagine my delight when I checked my account last night and saw seventeen navy blue "Ys" representing availability!

With the husband in tow to carry my goods, we stopped at the library during our Saturday errands before the Cavs game. I noticed my stash immediately, an intimidating pile of books set aside from the others, waiting for my arrival. (I use the word "intimidating" for everyone else. My adjective of choice would be "stellar.")

The librarian does a few arms stretches and straps on a back belt (okay, not really) to gather my books for the check-out desk. She informs me that because of the number of materials I currently have out, she will have to override the system for me to be able to take my pile home. (Like we are in a space shuttle or something..."override the system...") I am obviously fine with that, and my husband begins loading my tote.

As he tucks the final book into the bag, the librarian informs me that I will not be able to check out any more books, even if my  holds come in. I hope I don't have a "Sophie's Choice" situation upon me.

Guess what I will be spending most of my weekend doing?

05/03/2010 10:03pm

ahaha stephanie that is too funny! :)

08/29/2010 10:47pm

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. (Voltaire, Frech writer)


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