Dr. Titzer may teach infants how to read by selling programs on infomercials, but can he teach Bichons to read? Didn't think so.
Stephanie walks into the library and slowly empties her bag into the return chute, checking each item to ensure its return to the proper library. She casually walks over to the DVDs to see if anything catches her attention for weekend viewing before heading to the desk to pick up items on hold. She finds the library card on her key ring, and prepares to hand them to the librarian on duty...

Stephanie: Hello! I have items to pick up for ______. (last name, which will remain top-secret for now) The librarian takes the keys from Stephanie's outstretched hand and approaches the bookcase.

Librarian: You only have two items to pick up today? A  look of concern passes over her face as she pushes the word "two" from her lips.

Stephanie wanting to reassure the librarian that her reading habits have not changed, quickly responds...
Stephanie: I am going out of town this week, so I didn't want to check out any more books. I still have some at home.

The librarian looks relieved, as this explanation has both appeased her and reassured her that Stephanie will soon return to the library to pick up many items at once.

The women say their goodbyes and wish one another a good weekend. Stephanie exits the library, nearly tripping because a flashy summer reading display has caught her eye, and pulls the lighter-than-normal tote over her shoulder.

The End.
I have added a new feature to the web site that I hope you check out and get involved with. Using the formspring feature, you can now ask me any questions you would like and see them answered on this site. How fun is that? I'll answer for you: "So fun!" 

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I have trained the Bichon to stand guard at the bookshelf all day in the event that an intruder might want to steal some of my precious books. Watch out.