It's that time again...the days are getting shorter, the air feels crisp, and a full moon has a different feel than any other time of the year. Autumn is my favorite time to read spooky books, so grab a blanket and your flashlight and settle in with one of these picks!

In the comments section, tell us about your favorite spooky read from childhood or adulthood!

Will I beat my book stats from last year?

Number of Books Read in 2009 - 172
Number of Pages Read in 2009 - 51,452

Number of Books Read SO FAR in 2010 - 145
Number of Pages Read SO FAR in 2010 - 44,353

I admit, I have been sidetracked lately by the new and fascinating job of working with the wee little ones, and sidelined by their alien-like viruses usually bestowed upon me in the form of a point-blank sneeze or technicolor nose leakage. These are job hazards I did not face when working with teens.

Needless to say, sickness does allow for more time to read, so I have been doing more of that than blogging as of late. It just seems like that to-read pile never diminishes. Writers just keep writing.

I will be posting more of my random reviews for your reading pleasure, and will start featuring more fun blog posts to feed your book need. I like shooting from the hip, so I cannot promise a stellar delivery on each and every one, but this is also free entertainment for you and really, beggars cannot be choosers. You'll take what I give you.

Coming soon:

Books for reading under the covers with a flashlight...spooky books for the Halloween season

Missing those warm summer days...who says you can't read "beach books" in the fall?

2010 in review...hits and misses, books you might have passed by, and books I probably should have passed by. Included will be my top picks of the year (so far).

Stay tuned! Don't forget to check the home page frequently to see what I am currently reading -OR- track my year-long progress on the Quick Peeks! page. Will I beat my book/page count from last year?