Did you know that you can cause yourself physical harm while reading? The paper cut is the obvious injury that might come to mind, but I experienced a new low as a reader two nights ago that I had to share with you all.

I have been reading The Fellowship of the Ring at night when I go to bed, and my version happens to be part of a MASSIVE 1100+ page book that includes all three books of the trilogy and an outrageous appendix unlike anything I have ever seen. While reading this "chunkster squared", I actually PULLED A MUSCLE in the first finger on my hand trying to keep the book upright. You probably don't think that would be so painful, but let me tell you, it was NOT pleasant.

Let this be a lesson to all of you who plan on reading multiple chunksters in 2011. You either need to conduct some online research for finger stretching activities and start warming up now, or be cautious while reading big books in bed. My fingers are in great shape. They have turned over 50,000 pages this year. I work them out everyday.

Is reading a sport? Now, my answer might be, yes.