I have three favorite times of the year:
1.) When school resumes, because I love the start of the school year and meeting all of my new students
2.) The first two weeks of summer vacation when I know I have weeks of free time in front of me
3.) March Madness, when basketball is on in our house non-stop and money and mudslinging possesses my family

We find ourselves at #3, and watching basketball is really cutting into my reading time. If I am not watching basketball, I am updating our brackets and praying that I am pulling ahead in the family pool. Cornell's win today should help me out, but two other nail-biters (Pitt and Texas A&M) did me in. Regardless, things are looking hopeful; unlike other brackets my husband and I do, the big family one goes round by round...this means Kansas did not hurt me for the $120 pot. I need to finish a few books by Thursday when the games resume.

Why do I want to win so badly?

That money would go towards a Nook. Oh, how I want a Nook. 

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