After listening to the lovely little novel Last Night at the Lobster for a few nights and a few treadmill miles at the gym, I finally finished it on Sunday. It took me two nights and three attempts to finish the last track. TWO NIGHTS! The last track is only three minutes long! Because of a medical condition and nighttime meds, bedtime usually finds me akin to an anesthetized St. Bernard at the vet's and finishing a bedtime audiobook can be a huge challenge because of this. Can the book beat me to dreamland? I never know.

The first night of listening to the final tracks I dozed off at the VERY END of the story, only to be woken by the spokesperson for the publishing company thanking me for listening. (Listening? Sleeping? She should have been chastising me for falling asleep in the last 180 seconds of the story.) I sighed, dug around for my iPod in the drawer next to my bed and scanned back to the approximate point of my nodding off a'la St. Bernard and hit play.

INTERJECTION: (I used to keep the iPod in bed, but I have had several near-strangulations from earbud cords and that would just be downright humiliating. My husband would have to explain that I can't just read seven books at a time, but I also have to have an audiobook going as well, and that my insane habit killed me. I couldn't do that to him.)

Anyway, I fell asleep AGAIN during the final track. At this point, I am annoyed and as fuzzy as a twenty-one year old coed on her first night at the bars, so I just shut the iPod off, throw the entire thing into the nightstand and vow to finish the next day when I am wide awake and nothing like a doped up St. Bernard or a drunken sorority gal.

Jumping in bed the next night with only three minutes remaining on the book did the trick. I was able to finish, AND had time to squeeze in an NPR Books podcast.


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