If you haven't noticed yet, on the Read This, Read That homepage you can view the books I am currently reading. This updates itself as I add and remove books on my goodreads account. As you can see, I am currently in the middle of six COMPLETELY different books right now so I think I am having a bit of an identity crisis that is revealing itself through my reading choices. It started with needing a "side-book" to accompany my reading schedule for Anna Karenina and blossomed into something somewhat out of my control. This weekend, I will be focusing on The Black Echo by Michael Connelly, an author that many of my reading friends adore. He writes a good mystery/crime thriller at a literary level superior to many other books I have read in this genre, although I did cringe last night when he used the old "caterpillar eyebrows" in his description of a detective. WHY DO ALL MYSTERIES AND CRIME THRILLERS DESCRIBE PEOPLE IN THIS LINE OF WORK AS HAVING CATERPILLAR EYEBROWS?!?!? I swear, I have seen this in just about every mystery I have read. Perhaps an unspoken rule among authors? An inside joke? I'm on to you!  If I ever write a mystery (doubtful) I will make a conscious effort to describe the thin, over-plucked eyebrows of my police chief. Consider it my promise to you.

Enjoy your weekend!

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