I downloaded this to my nook when it became available to me through the local library, and I have a hard time putting it down each time I dive back into the story. I even took my ereader into the gym with me this afternoon to read while on the treadmill. Yes, that good. Even if you're not a fan of Hemingway, don't pass by this engrossing take on the man and the marriage as presented by his first wife, Hadley.

from goodreads:
No twentieth-century American writer has captured the popular imagination as much as Ernest Hemingway. This novel tells his story from a unique point of view — that of his first wife, Hadley. Through her eyes and voice, we experience Paris of the Lost Generation and meet fascinating characters such as Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Ezra Pound, and Gerald and Sara Murphy. The city and its inhabitants provide a vivid backdrop to this engrossing and wrenching story of love and betrayal that is made all the more poignant knowing that, in the end, Hemingway would write of his first wife, "I wish I had died before I loved anyone but her."

review from Bookmarks Magazine
Critics praised The Paris Wife for rounding out the portrait of Hadley Hemingway, often overlooked in scholarly treatments of Hemingway and, in fact, in Hemingway’s own works. In McClain’s deft hands, Hadley, who narrates her love, confusion, struggles, and wavering support for her husband, comes alive amidst evocative, excellently researched descriptions of Left Bank cafes, culture, and artistic life. A few reviewers commented that Ernest’s artistic and literary coterie often overshadows the more plainspoken Hadley, but only the New York Times voiced serious complaints about a plodding narrative and a dull protagonist. But in this nuanced, balanced portrait of a marriage, McClain reclaims Hadley’s place as both a wife and a woman in history.
4 out of 5 stars


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