So where does a book addict go in order to get a book fix? The obvious answer is the local library or bookstore, but what happens if you are at home (perhaps snowed in east coast readers?) and are in desperate need for book time, but not necessarily "reading time"? All book addicts love reading about reading as much as they enjoy the activity itself!
I have found two phenomenal sources for exactly this.

For a visual fix, I first must mention the incredible book review magazine Bookmarks. I remember the day I discovered this at Library C (we haven’t even TALKED about this library yet!) and I was hooked immediately. The magazine not only provides reviews of upcoming releases, but features a book club spotlight, recommended reading lists provided by subscribers, an author feature, an occasional theme feature, a grouping of books for one specific topic (e.g. Best Art Books), and a year reviewed in books (for example: 1961-historical and pop culture events are mentioned and an overview of award-winning books and bestsellers are provided). This magazine is neither stuffy nor bland; the editor and his staff continue to produce a colorful and informative product every other month that subscribers swoon over. (Really. Check out the discussion group. This magazine has GROUPIES, and I am one of them!) You can find the magazine at major bookstores and even your local library…but the very best way to get your book fix is through a subscription. By owning your very own magazine, you can highlight, write your own reviews, dog-ear pages, and show it the love that a true book addict would. I even have a Bookmarks journal for keeping lists of all the titles I want to read. Rolling your eyes? Most subscribers do. Bookmarks is the magazine for the book addict.

Bookmarks has a discussion group on goodreads, called Bookmarks Subscribers which I moderate with my friend, Lisa.  Anyone may join and we would love to see some new members. You can also check it out at

For an audio fix, I head to my iPod and listen to the latest episode of Books on the Nightstand presented by Michael and Ann. They market their podcast as “a conversation about books” and this is truly what you will find if you subscribe or just tune in for an episode. The podcast is divided into three segments: a book topic, books pertaining to that topic, and two books Michael and Ann can’t wait for all of us to read. As a new feature, Michael and Ann have started to include listener voicemail and email for even more book reviews and recommendations. I find myself hoarding podcasts so I can listen to several at one time, and my to-read list has grown considerably since discovering it and downloading all of the back-episodes. I have spent a great deal of time in the iTunes directory trying to find reading podcasts, and this one is simply the best if you like a casual tone. Michael and Ann both work in the industry, so their insight to books and publication is perfect for the addicts. Books on the Nightstand also has a discussion group on goodreads called Books on the Nightstand and a blog that is much more technologically advanced than mineat

Where do you go for a book fix? These are my two favorites, but I would love to hear about yours as well! Add a comment by clicking on "comments" at the top of the posting.

02/14/2010 11:57am

Bookmarks Magazine without a doubt is my absolute favorite resource to go to.

I also read Bookpage which my local Friends of the Library group provides to the library (100 copies a month, so I try to get it early before they run out!).


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