In a previous posting, I further admitted my book illness by revealing my stats in 2009 and thus far in 2010. (Thank you goodreads for making us reading nerds track our books at a new level of embarrassment.) As you can see by the numbers below, I exceeded my 2009 record by just seven books, although I think the page count is more telling. To see EVERY SINGLE one of these 179 titles, click on "Quick Peeks" in the menu - the books are available for your viewing pleasure as a colorful and nerdy montage. (No, I did NOT take the time to do this...goodreads has a great little HTML widget that updates it for me!) You can also check out where I stand so far in 2011.

For full reviews of these books and everything else I read, follow me on goodreads or click on the new feature in the menu called "2011 in Books," which gives you even easier access to my thoughts on what I read. I know. Your year is already off to a great start with the book addict.

Number of Books Read in 2009 - 172
Number of Pages Read in 2009 - 51,452

Number of Books Read in 2010 - 179
Number of Pages Read in 2010 - 53,923

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