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In August of 2008, I first discovered Goodreads, which is truly an enabling site for book junkies. If you have never checked it out, you should abandon this site immediately (temporarily please!) and get thee to one of the best places on the internet. When I first logged on, I was enamored with the shelving system, the reviews, the quizzes, the lists, the groups...I just couldn't get enough. (Luckily, I was on summer vacation from teaching and had lots of free time on my hands!) I have always dreamed of moderating a book group and failed twice with "in-the-flesh" groups who either didn't read or didn't show up; when I discovered Goodreads, I discovered that I could finally bring readers together and talk about books on a regular basis. I was ecstatic.

I created a group called Busy as a Bee Books. Why? I don't know. I have always liked the expression "busy as a bee" (although not as much as "I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail" but how would that work as a book group title?) People are busy. Like bees. (Simile.) They don't always have time to commit to a book group. They don't always want to read the Designated Book. (In one of the aforementioned failed book groups I was forced to read Steve Berry's The Third Secret, as voted upon by a bunch of women who A.) didn't read it themselves, or B.) didn't show up. I was bitter. I thought the book was horrific and was mad I wasted my time!) I wanted to create a book group for the busy person so he/she would be connected, engaged, and motivated to discuss books with people from around the world. I wanted flexibility, time, and options. Oh, and I wanted to assemble the entire thing in one day so I could get reading with other addicts immediately.

Busy as a Bee Books was born in a day, but has evolved significantly since 2008. In our book group, currently frequented by approximately 90 members, one person designates a theme and members nominate books related to that theme. I ultimately decide which books make the list, and everyone has two months to read whichever books look interesting. If two months is not long enough, it doesn't matter, because we never close discussion threads; this way new members can jump in and feel included immediately by talking about books they might have already read. Between the themed reading, we also have book/reading games we play with one another, post questions about reading, monitor the worst and best books we have just finished, and create "best" lists. And that is just a SAMPLING of the fun known as Bees. New for 2010 is a year-long book challenge with tasks and points that is causing quite a stir right now, but it will all come together! (This is really my problem because I am in a constant state of confusion right now.)

The reason I share this information with you is not because I am desperately seeking Bees (although we'd love to have you), but because we have established a reading community that really does feel like a little hive. I have "met" so many incredible people through Bees - people who have turned me on to different genres of lit, people who have added way too many books to my to-read shelf, people whose opinions of books I have really come to respect, people who write beautiful reviews, and people that make me laugh at the computer screen. One of the reasons why I started this web page is because of Bees, and you will hear me refer to them often because I consider them to be fantastic contributors to the blog. They are already being interviewed for upcoming postings! 

The Bees have taken my reading addiction to an entirely new and sick level, and I thank them every day for that. They have also unknowingly helped me through a really rough patch in my life, as I have been sick and home from work for several months. The Bees keep me busy and distracted, which is a good thing, and they inspired this undertaking of a project. Mainly because they are also a bunch of enablers, codependents, and junkies and will take anything reading-related I have thrown at them. HA!

Thank you Bees! Your support means everything! This web page is especially for you! 


02/22/2010 10:08pm

Hi - I'm always glad to help with enabling reading junkies and "feeding" off other enablers TBR lists myself. Yay, Bees!

And readers, take Stephanie's advice and check out Goodreads ... it's a wonderland for readers!

03/04/2010 9:50am

Aww, I'm so glad us bees are an inspiration to your habit.
I'm off to the library right now to search for a few new books.


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