My neurotic, type-A personality propelled me to prepare for my impending surgery back on February 18th in a variety of ways. I went to the grocery store to stock up on food my husband could cook for himself without me drugged up in the bedroom worrying about the possibility of a house fire. I cleaned the house until it was so spotless Danny Tanner of Full House would have eaten off of my floors. Lastly, and most importantly, I visited the library to stock up on materials to keep myself entertained as I healed in the privacy of my freakishly clean home. I think I checked out somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen books along with some movies and television shows on DVD. However, I later realized that all of this time would NOT be spent catching up on my to-read list because my post-op days would instead be divided into three distinct periods:
1.) The Sleep and Stare Period (approx. one week)
2.) The Sit and Stare Period (approx. one week)
3.) The Sit and Watch Embarrassing Television Period (approx. three weeks)
I looked much like the girl pictured, except I had bandages all over my face and usually had an ice pack balancing precariously on my forehead (and yes, it did slip a couple of times, sliding down my face and causing shooting pain to rocket up and down the length of my head). I couldn't concentrate. My head hurt. I couldn't read. COULDN'T READ!?! Instead, I sat and stared and thought about many things, none of which were too deep, philosophical, or really all that interesting. One thing I did think about was the idea of comfort reads when you're not feeling well. What do you pick up? Do your reading habits change?

Mine certainly do. I find myself reading books I wouldn't normally read that are generally geared towards young adults or older children, or sometimes even revisiting beloved books from my childhood. For example, the only book I read during this month was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and if we're being honest, I was so far gone on meds that it might as well have been War and Peace. (Do NOT send me mail telling me you can't believe I haven't read this series yet! Have you SEEN my to-read shelf???) I might also be inclined to pick up the Narnia series (yes, still working on that one too) or some of my all-time favorite books from the Little House on the Prairie series. If I am feeling really crazy, I'll grab some of the old V.C. Andrews books (the ones she wrote before passing) and read away with embarrassment. Don't say you didn't read and love these! I won't believe you! That woman tells a crazy tale!

I hope that none of you are imprisoned in your home with a to-read list 2,000 books long and a level of concentration so low you can only squeak out one measly juvenile series book about a wizard. What a huge letdown for the Book Addict. However, if you DO find yourself in this position of rehabilitating and "taking it easy" (which to me translated to "being in lots of pain and alone for hours with nothing to do"), make sure you plan ahead with your comfort reads.


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