During a commercial break of mindless television viewing last night, my eyes were drawn to my gorgeous World Market bookcase (I can't help it, it's right next to the television) because I swear I heard desperate calls of, "Pick me! Pick me!" floating in my direction. These calls seemed to be coming from three books in particular, three books that have longed for my eyes to scan their words for months...yet I have kept passing them by to read books checked out from the library. I have heard nothing but good things about these three novels. Many of my friends have read them and raved about them to me. I started all three of them but was forced to return them to the library because someone had them on hold. Many of my book groups have discussed them. Many podcasts I subscribe to have talked about them. I located cheap, new copies for purchase (Half Price Books, half.com, and Goodwill) so I wouldn't have to worry about due dates and I could keep the books for myself. So why haven't I read them?

The answer? I truly don't know. I know with each book I am in for a phenomenal reading experience, yet I keep shutting out their cries and pleas for other books that just seem to jump ahead in line. Maybe it is time to cut myself off from the library for a bit and read the three books that keep beckoning to me. (I know this would provide some much-needed relief to the librarians at Library B who have to manage my sometimes-up-to-35-books-on-hold account.)

Do you have books crying out to you for attention? What books have you neglected, even though you want to read them and know you will enjoy them?

Book Addict Challenge #1: I challenge all of you who follow this blog to post one-three books that you have neglected and read them before the end of 2010. Post all pertaining comments below and let's save these books from their misery!

Post the titles of the books, then come back and post what you have read and provide a quick review and your thoughts about your neglected book(s).


03/13/2010 10:27am

OK - I only have two that keep coming to mind:
Cutting for Stone
Hannah's Dream

Since you have me on a challenge here, I'm going to try to get them both done in the next month or two ....before I forget ;-) that I've been challenged!

03/13/2010 1:53pm

Okay... um....

1. Catch 22
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

I have been meaning to read these for what seems like my entire life. I will do it this year.

03/14/2010 10:28pm

1. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

I started this book probably 3 years ago and read about a quarter of it. I liked what I read just never got around to finishing it.

03/18/2010 1:08pm

1. The Princes of Ireland and the sequel, The Rebels of Ireland (The Dublin Saga)
2. La Regenta
3. Middlemarch

03/18/2010 9:48pm

I picked up and finished "Cutting for Stone" -- excellent, 5 stars! Why did I put off reading this?? I think it was that the title did not appeal to me, but the story was wonderful.

05/21/2010 2:29pm

The three books I should read for this challenge are:

1) Time Traveller's Wife
2)The Other Boleyn Girl
3)The Boys of Summer


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