I get that many people have commitment issues when it comes to following websites and blogs. It's primarily why I rely on obtaining my book information from ten different podcasts, two book review publications, and goodreads. I have those same commitment issues.

To remedy this, and feed the book lover's need for constant recommendations and bookish news, Read This Read That is now on facebook!

Each day, I will post a book recommendation, link you to a great reading website, or provide you with news from the literary world. You really can't lose.

I would greatly appreciate your support! Visit me here and LIKE us today! Please pass it along to friends and family - I hope to hit 1,000 likes by the end of the summer!

01/26/2012 9:39am

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01/27/2012 11:07pm

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03/24/2012 10:07am

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03/29/2012 8:23pm

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09/28/2012 9:40pm

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