As winter winds and snow blow around northeast Ohio ensuring a weekend full of boot-stomping and ice-scraping, The Book Addict (yes, I might refer to myself in the third person on occasion) relishes the perfect excuse for staying in. The roads are bad. Blowing and drifting snow might be dangerous. You know how cold I am all of the time. I will seize any of these ridiculous reasons to stay at home and work on my reading list. And really, these reasons are all TOTALLY ridiculous. I have lived near Cleveland my entire life. I have driven through blizzards, spun out on several occasions, and have learned to dress like the kid from A Christmas Story. I just want to READ. Besides the occasional chore, which I know I must also do when bad weather strikes, I am settling in this weekend with Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, which I am really enjoying and hoping to finish. (More about books will be posted in that particular section of the page.) On deck, the ever-uplifting The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath to be closely followed by ______. Still can’t decide. Don’t worry, there will be an entire posting dedicated to how difficult it is for a book addict to choose his/her next book.  

To all of my book-loving friends who are enduring this winter blast, especially those of you further east than I, don’t cuss out Jack Frost…thank him, grab a blanket, select a book and work on that to-read list. Oh, and toast me with your hot tea, your hot chocolate or your wine – your very own personal reading enabler.


02/06/2010 9:15am

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is using this snowfall as an excuse to sit and read (and not just read for my classes). Stay warm in Ohio, Steph, and I'll stay warm here in Jersey. (BTW~ may I suggest, if you haven't found them already, Smart Wool socks? They rock!)

02/06/2010 12:52pm

We're having much warmer than normal weather where I live. We usually have a lot of snow now, but we've hardly seen a flake all winter. So no using the snow as an excuse to read....but today we're going out to some book sales. Just gettin' prepared!!

Lisa Hickman
02/08/2010 9:44am

We received a foot and a half of snow on top of the the 8" we got last weekend. It's unheard of in this area. I didn't mind though. I curled up with my books and watched the snow fall. I finished <b>The Lace Reader</b> by Brunonia Barry, <b>Nine Dragons</b> by Michael Connelly, <b>Still Alice</b> by Lisa Genova, and <b>Me Talk Pretty One Day</b> by David Sedaris. I've also started <b>Blue-Eyed Devil</b> by Lisa Kleypas. No school today, and it's unlikely tomorrow, when another snowstorm is expected to start. Oh, the advantages of having your own personal library.


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