While my reading pace is still not quite up to abnormal speed, I have managed to dive into a couple of books that are really holding my attention. I am loving The Girl with the Dragon Tattooeven though I don't know what the hell happened in the first fifty pages. If someone does, kindly offer a quick summary. I am glad I waited to read this book because I can now cruise through the next two in the trilogy with no wait...except the one at the library for The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest(great title!). I didn't even put myself into that queue yet since I still need to finish Tattoo and Fire. I can't wait to see what number I am for the holds list.

My reading friend Tara recommended the book A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True for our summer reading list. I started it last night and am already enjoying the story, even though I would probably have been just as content to stare at the cover art for 35 minutes instead...it's so blue...and pretty...

This was at 1:00am after a very long time period on the Nintendo DS.

I am making my way over to the library today to pick up several books for my summer reading lists for book groups on Goodreads. I better start churning out the books or I will never get through the lists! People picked out some real winners this year, and I want to read almost every book nominated!

If you're interested in joining us, hop on over to the best book site ever and look for Busy as a Bee Books in the groups section. We'd love some new, active members...especially males! We're low in that department! The summer is a great time to get involved.

Happy reading! ...or DS playing...

Ryan Abe.
07/10/2010 9:53pm

yeah i just got done with Hornets Nest a week ago. it was fantastic. Larsson's writing was pretty darn good. the characters all act like a normal person would act. without all that soap opera like mood you know. when someone learns of something very interesting or a game changing moment and "never tells a soul" or when they do they are killed off. this isnt like that. you could almost see how stuff unfolds just by your sheer human intellect. then ofcourse there are story twists but yes. good trilogy. sad Larsson died before he got to see how BAMF his books would become. and no more to afterward.

11/02/2010 3:28am

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