Yes, it's time for that cliched book-lover topic of the summer reading list, a topic I have neglected for a couple of weeks because:
A.) I wanted to first actually do some summer reading
B.) I have been anxiously looking for a new teaching job this fall
C.) I am working multiple jobs this summer and have been doing a bit of traveling
Excuses aside, the topic of summer reading has always been of interest to me because I find it fascinating that people are able to compartmentalize their reading into season-specific lists, and I also never really latched onto the concept of the typical summer reading novel. I just don't read a great deal of "light" books or "chic lit" which is what most people seem to enjoy during the warmest months of the year. Do people really not want to think while they read in June, July, and August? Do pools, beaches, and parks provide too many distractions for a quality read? Does a challenging book cause excessive perspiration?

What Summer Reading Means to Me
- Exploring books introduced to me by the awesome 79 members of my online book discussion group
- Reading books for the local library's adult summer reading program (prizes!)
- Being able to stay up late because I do not have to wake up early and present conditional verb conjugations to groggy Spanish 3 students
- Digging into two or three more classics that I have been neglecting but keep telling people I will be reading soon
- Getting into a new series I have heard people rave about
- Checking out some of the best books published so far that year
- Hefting around a chunkster that usually takes all summer to get through

Coming June 21st
Check out the Summer Reads 2011 page each day to discover a great title worth checking out. No chic lit!

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