I have experienced something in the past two weeks I have never experienced before: a lack of interest in reading. This lack of interest in reading has spawned a mild depression because I don't clearly understand the root of this problem.

Is it too much Cleveland basketball?

Is it that I have been sick off and on and not wanting to "tax myself" with words and would rather watch Lifetime movies and shows on the DVR?

Is it that my mind is on a million other projects?

I think it is a combination of all of the above, and before you go judging me on my watching Lifetime movies, you should also know that I watched Mildred Pierce this week as well. My interests are VAST, friends.

I have so many great books on my shelves waiting for my attention; two of these books I have been looking forward to for quite some time and I plan on starting both this weekend: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Woman in White. Hopefully, this funk passes, I turn off the television, put down the Nintendo DS, and get my brain cells going again with a great book.

05/15/2010 8:13pm

I am just emerging out of the same thing! For me, I think it was the pressure of thinking I needed to read so many books. I wanted to get so many done, that I just shut down for a while. After all, this IS for pleasure, not out of duty. I am gearing back up, but I had to wait it out for a month or so. I didn't even log on to GoodReads for weeks!

05/25/2010 12:46pm

I go through spurts like that, and then, of course, the kids take away my free time. When nothing else works, sometimes I reread a favorite. Kids stuff has the added bonus of being easy.

06/05/2010 7:15pm

Don't worry this happens to everyone. I find that our bookmark group helps. We are trying new books that we won't necessarily read and the hunt for the book is an added bonus. I have also been on a roll so I have been using the same Winnie the Pooh bookmark. It brings me reading luck!

11/02/2010 4:04am

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