One Day by David Nicholls
General Fiction
360 pages

***Recommended Reading***

It took me more than one hundred pages to become vested in the lives of Dexter and Emma, which is more than I would normally commit to reading in a book that is not grabbing me, but I stuck with it because the writing was good and my friend Lisa warned me that it might take some time to become involved. I am passing the warning along to you.

I'm glad I kept reading because One Day became a four-star story for me about the intersecting lives of two friends spanning twenty years. I found myself highlighting many quotes from the book and really lingering over particular witty lines or insightful thoughts about love and friendship. Dexter and Emma have a complicated relationship that the reader sees from both sides; at the beginning of the story this relationship is trying to find its footing, but by about 1/3 of the way into the story the writing and character development has engulfed us enough to almost feel like the third party.

One Day made it on many "Best of 2010" lists, and while I really enjoyed it, I know I read some books published last year that I found much more readable and interesting... BUT, this is not to be missed. Stick with it past 100 pages (come on, you did it with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and you'll be happy.

Oh, and don't read any spoilers.