Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
468 pages...that go fast!

The New York Museum of Natural History is experiencing a series of brutal and unexplained murders on the eve of one of its largest exhibition openings. With the discovery of certain artifacts from past expeditions, protagonist Margo and her mentor, Frock, realize that something truly horrible, unimaginable, and scientifically incredible is among the halls and catacombs of the large building. Detective Pendergrast is your stereotypical thriller-detective, but I found that I liked him a great deal and rooted for him to save the day.

Relic was certainly a departure from the types of books I normally read, and I am glad to have discovered it. It had a very similar vibe to books written by Michael Chrichton, particularly Jurassic Park and follow-ups; for me, that made it a really fun read that was a page-turner and the perfect book for all of the doctors' waiting rooms I have been in lately. This would also be the perfect book for road trips, flights, and waiting in airports. I plan on reading more by this author in the future.

4 stars and lots of fun! Quick read, fast pacing, plot-driven. Need a break? This is a good one!