Exiles in the Garden by Ward S. Just
General Fiction
288 pages

* * * * * Best of 2009 According to Bookmarks Magazine * * * * *

This was my first novel by Ward S. Just, and I feel as though I have been missing out on one of America's great writers. While I only rated the book three stars, I found his writing style to be poetic, contemplative, and similar to Steinbeck (one of my favorite authors). I think I will enjoy some of his other works more.

This is not a book to read if you are looking for a plot-driven novel; read it for the meandering look at politics in Washington D.C. and slow character development. Alec and Lucia are at the center of the story as a married couple that becomes entranced by the neighbors' nightly gatherings of emigres, with politics constantly affecting the way in which they see the world and one another.

Not a quotation mark in sight. 

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