Oh, Anna Karenina, you have been on my to-read shelf for years and years, always being passed over for another classic or really, just about any book. It's nothing personal, and you don't scare me like you do many other readers, so I am pleased to tell you that your time has finally come. For the next ten weeks it's you and me, Anna.

My beloved online book group, Busy as a Bee Books, has decided to read Anna Karenina together over the course of ten weeks with discussions along the way because so many of us have been neglecting this Russian tome. The reading plan is a step outside our traditionally nontraditional group format because we do not usually read one book with a schedule; normally, we vote on a theme and participants nominate books within that theme, I select 8-10 for the two-month reading period, and we discuss the books casually during this time. It's flexible, it's easy, and everyone has a chance to contribute to the group in some way, making it truly a GROUP. However, the 30 or so of us who have signed on for Anna Karenina are really excited to get going on this together with a reading schedule, perhaps prompting a new permanent feature in the group...tome tackling together. (I love alliteration.)